Human Growth Hormone Stimulants?

Question by Mister Chartreuse: Human Growth Hormone Stimulants?
I know there are a lot of benefits to having elevated levels of HGH, but I know that the actual ‘injections’ of synthetic HGH can be dangerous and the dosage can be screwed up if not done by a professional.

But I know there are pills that do not actually contain HGH, but chemicals that “Stimulate” the natural production of HGH by the pituitary gland itself.
I’m ordering HGH stimulant pills that are FDA approved and proven to work, but I’m still curious.
What are the chemicals in these pills that can ‘tell’ the pituitary gland to produce more HGH?

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Answer by Tony I
I would be interested to know what HGH stimulant pills have been FDA approved as well as which ones have been proven to work. I don’t know of any that have been FDA approved, nor do I know of any that have been actually proven to work outside the sales company’s own self-serving tests.
The FDA does not approve supplements to begin with, though they do ban ones that make health claims or are proven to be unsafe. Not being banned and approved are entirely different from being approved or safe or proven to work.

There are a large number of the HGH supplements are which are sold as either HGH stimulators or HGH precursors. I consider most of those products to be either outright scams with virtually worthless ingredients or else close to scams with limited actual benefits.

Even the ones which may have some stimulating effects will not stimulate HGH production anywhere close to what you will get from plain old exercise. And then there is the question of safety. How do you know that the ingredients in the pills are safe to use, if the description of the ingredients is even accurate or if the company used good and safe manufacturing procedures? If they will lie about being FDA approved, then why would they not lie about the rest of it too?

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